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Genealogy Requests

We can respond to some requests by e-mail. A quick review of indexes can be made to advise the inquirer as to whether a further search would be useful. Volunteers staff the Society and research is normally restricted to the materials held in our Archives. We require a $60.00 donation for each surname to be researched. This $60.00 fee includes up to 20 copies and shipping & handling for those copies. Additional fees may apply for any additional copies needed. Other research is possible by special arrangement. An hourly rate of $10.00 per hour [two-hour minimum] is charged + copying costs + postage. No completed research will be mailed until the required research fees are received.

Instructions for Requesting a Surname Search

  1. State the names of people as completely as you can. Place only the SURNAME in CAPITAL letters.
  2. Dates are important. If you don’t know the day, month and year, try to put in a general time frame.
  3. Mention the location being as specific as you can. (City, Township, County).
  4. State what information you are seeking – parents, birth date, death date, info on ancestors, wish to correspond with descendants, etc.
  5. Keep your request brief.
  6. If you change your email address at any time, please notify us immediately!

Contact the Society at

Research in the Archives Room

Members of the society pay no fee for use of our archived material. Non members pay $10.00 per day for on site research. All are charged for copies at 35 cents per copy. Most materials can be copied.

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