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Local Crop Circles in the 1800’s?

Ok Farmers or Historians (or Farmer Historians) – here’s your chance to help solve a mystery! Jim Bohn has been writing a soon-to-be released book about a 19th Century, itinerant German, pen-and-ink drawing artist named Herman Markert entitled Herman Markert, The Picture Maker. Little is known about Herman Markert; however, he left a rich legacy in his artwork.  The drawings bearing dates indicate Herman was in Pennsylvania in the 1870’s and 1880’s.  Before and after those dates, his whereabouts and life […]

PA Opens Up Important Family History Documents

Today, we’re honored to have James Beidler as a Guest Blogger for!  James was the executive director of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania and, currently, writes a weekly genealogy newspaper column, “Roots and Branches.” “Roots & Branches” runs weekly in the Lebanon Daily News (Mondays in print and on and Altoona Mirror (Sunday edition) newspapers. Please visit James M. Beidler’s website at Feel free to e-mail him at Today’s column by Mr. Beidler discusses the brand new […]

Mysteries are Fun!

Genealogists love a good mystery – especially when their own family folklore is involved.  Never sure when (or if) the mystery will be solved, the family historian eats up any information that may help to shed light on the situation. My own family mystery is a changing of the spelling of my last name (Haubert) to another spelling (Hubbert).  Interestingly enough, the change happened among brothers and sisters.  Part are buried with “Haubert” on their tombstones.  The other part – […]

Port Royal Times Acquisition

Many thanks to Donna Swartz, owner of The Times, formerly located in Port Royal.  She was so generous for providing a donation of newspapers beginning in the 1950’s! The papers were temporarily stored at Orchard Hills Storage (generously provided by Teresa O’Neal).  Once sorted, the papers will be kept in the Archives Room.

December 1, 1942 Gas Rationing

Just read this article about gasoline rationing on and thought it was interesting enough to post here. Now, I wasn’t around in 1942 so this information is new and interesting to me.  Just wondering if anyone experienced this rationing around Juniata County.  If so, would you be interested in posting photos and/or stories of how you handled the situation. I’d be especially curious to see if there were any “behind-the-scenes” tactics used if you were in need of gasoline (borrowing […]