Below are some of the historical and genealogical resources available in the Archives Room of the Juniata County Historical Society.


Cemeteries Map

History of Juniata County Municipalities Map

Obituaries, marriages and other information gleaned from newspapers; inquiries, replies and previous research

MARRIAGE INDEX 1800 – 1995
Compiled from Juniata County newspapers, research, scrapbooks, journals, pensions records and other sources

OBITUARY INDEX 1828 – 2002
Compiled from Juniata County newspapers, research, scrapbooks, journals, pension records and other sources

Tombstones recorded in a physical inventory of the county’s cemeteries in the 1970’s

1791-1794, 1831-1854 and 1895, transcribed from originals, alphabetical order

Lists those assessed for taxes, may have singleman list and occasionally list of poor children by name and age; organized by township

1847-1900, 1910-1920, 1930-1940
Lists those assessed for land ownership and tenants, singlemen; organized by township

Documentation of rights of way, deeds of assignments, powers of attorney, things not included in deed, estate or mortgage records, organized by surname 1854 – 1973

1878-1920 Organized by township. The early years 1878-1888 are incomplete; can be used as a substitute for the 1890 census, some street addresses and occupations

Organized by surname, those persons known to have served and having some connection to Juniata County. Compiled from pension and military records, newspapers and research contributed by descendants or others.

transcribed copy of original Courthouse record; microfilm copy also available.

Transcribed from Courthouse records, organized alphabetically; microfilm of original records also available

DEATH RECORDS – 1845-1847 & 1851-1879
copy of deaths labeled “from daybook, Thompson, Mexico”; unknown source; some death dates have been corroborated from a second source

transcribed copy of original Courthouse record, organized alphabetically. Microfilm copy also available


Genealogy TitleAuthorYearIndexed?Notes
Acker, The Descendants ofGregg E. Jacobs Indexed 
Arnold, Crimmel, Fortney, Harry, Reisinger, Saylor Shrefflerunknown author1996No Index 
Atwater History and GenealogyCharles Hobart Attwater1956Indexed 
Baeshoar-Bashore, Generations of the Juniata ValleyDavid Shellenberger Indexedmany handwritten notes
Baeshoar-Bashore, Generations of the Juniata ValleyDavid Shellenberger No Indextyped version
Banks, James Ancestors ofAdrienne Ely1997No Index 
Beale GenealogyMary Beale Hitchens Indexed2 similar copies, one has fewer pages
Beale, Wm. & Thomas 1735-1803Dr. Reid W. Stewart1975IndexedPart of Revolutionary Ancestors, “R”
Beales Since the Civil War  extracted from SSA Death Master FileBeale Family News1990IndexesSpiral Bound
Beasom, Ancestors and Descendants of Frank Russel & Goldie PearlLarry Sheibley2002No Index 
Bell Family?Jane Hower Auker1991Indexedloose leaf notebook
Bell Family of Juniata CountyJane Hower Auker1991No Indexloose leaf notebook
Bell HeritageMary Jane King1998Indexed 
Bell, Descendants of James and Mary Ford, of PennsylvaniaLoren E. Foster1987Indexed 
Bell, Isaiah, Descendants ofEd Bell2003No Index22 pages
Bender Familyunknown author1992No IndexFamily Grp. Sheets, no organization
BennerMontgomery Co. HS  [PA] No Indexcompilation of  Bulletins Montgomery Co. PA HS
Berger, Charles Edwin, Diary of 1889-1891  IndexedDiary 1889-1891
Bergstresser Family in America, The   Vol. IIWayne V. Jones1998IndexedHardbound
Beshoar, Michaelunknown author No IndexHandwritten, 10 pages
Beshoar, Michael & Myers, Hannah, DescendantsC. R.Spielman1996No IndexFamily Grp. Sheets, no organization
Blair, AlexanderTimothy V. Blair No IndexSpiral Bound
Book FamilyDee[Dody]Coleman2005No IndexSpiral Bound, “Dody’s Book of Inspiration”
Book Family Geneaology CD Family Tree MakerDee[Dody]Coleman2005unknownCD Family tree maker
Boyer and Harvey Familes from PA to WAAlice Cox Large1992No Index3 Ring notebook, no organization
Boyers, AmericanDonald A. Boyer1984No IndexVol. 1
Boyers, AmericanDonald A. Boyer1986No IndexVol. 2
Boyers, AmericanDonald A. Boyer1992No IndexVol. 3
Boyers, AmericanDonald A. Boyer1998No IndexVol. 4
Briner, George Michael & Anna Catherin LoyForest D. Meyers1984IndexedHardbound
Brown Family, from Allen Brown 1729-1808Jane Short Hower2003No Index3 Ring Notebook
Brubaker, Descendants of John Hess Brubaker of Juniata County and …Landis H. Brubaker1977IndexedSoft Bound
Brubaker, History and Genealogy of the Brubaker Family in AmericaPhares Brubaker Gibble1951No IndexSoft Bound
Buch/Book FamilyLois Rohrer Ljungren2005No IndexSoft Bound
Burdunknown author1971No Indexother surnames, typed,
Burdge, Jonathan, DescendantsGeorge W. Burdge2002IndexedFamily Grp Sheets
Burnett, Thomas of Virginia and North CarolinaFrances Gass1964IndexedHardbound
Campbell, James His Descendants 1808-1978Katherine Campbell Harper IndexedVol. 1 Hardbound
Carnahan/Carnaghan John Descendants of 1765-1830Cathleen Carnahan Nichols1994No IndexFamily Grp Sheets, organized by first name
Chestnut, Daniel, Descendants ofRosalind L. Ashmun2003No Index11 pages
Chroningers of Missouri – see Groninger alsoRichard D. Chroninger1998Indexed 
Coder,The Coder ConnectionDody Book Coleman2008No IndexSpiral bound
Cramer ChroniclesSusan C. Snider1995IndexedSoft Bound
Creighton/HarryNancy Creighton No IndexFamily Grp. Sheets, no organization
Daugherty, John Reilly of Thompsontown, PaJohn Charles Daugherty1985No Indextyped version
Deckard FamilyPercy Edward Deckard1932IndexedHardbound
Detterer, The Descendants of Johaan LudwigEleanor D. Karpa2008IndexedHardbound
Divine/Wells [has Thomson and Innis family of Tusc. Valley information]Carol Divine briggs1988IndexedHardbound
Dodd, Stephen “I Remember 1919-1993” [reminiscences]Stephen I. Dodd1993No Index2 copies, same book
Dodd, Stephen, “I Still Remember 1998” [reminiscences]Stephen I. Dodd1998No Index 
Doubleday Families of AmericaMargaret Curfman1972IndexedHardbound
Eisenhart, John Franklin, Ancestry ofWillis Wolf Eisenhart1951No IndexHardbound
Evans Family 1895No IndexHardbound
Flickinger Family HistoryRobert Elliott Flickinger1927Indexed 
Flickinger Heritage, MyMary Jane King1998IndexedSpiral Bound
Fronz GenealogyLarry Sheibley1997No Indexwith Beasom
Fulkroad – Davis photos, censusTeresa B. Delikat2005 CD Rom
Fulkroad Reunion Notes 1948-1998 Jacob Austin and Edna Pearl KeiserTeresa J. B. Davis1993No Index 
Fulton, John & Jane ShepardMary Newton1988No Index 
Gelnett Genealogies, ThePreston Bortell2012No IndexSpiral Bound
Gillingham Family HistoryRobert  C. Gillingham, Jr.1974IndexedSpiral Bound
Glatfelter, Henry 1752-1833 with append. Moyers/Myers/Bentz/TysonMiriam Marcy Dittenhafer2008IndexedSpiral Bound
Graybill, JohnKraybill/Zimmerman1977IndexedIndex is difficult to figure out
Graybill, Samuel G and Jennie Emma Hood Graybill-Descendants ofFowler & Graybill2007IndexedSoft bound
Greenleaf Genealogy 1574- 1896James Edward Greeleaf1896IndexedHardbound
Groninger Ancestry – Jacob Groninger & Nancy Henchunknown author No Index 
Groninger, Family HistoryWilliam H. Groninger1923No IndexSoft Bound
Groninger, Lenard, Descendants ofRichard D. Chroninger2001Indexed3 ring notebook
Guss LinesWilla I. Guss1990IndexedHardbound
Guss, Ancestors of Abraham L. and Susan RindlaubBeverly D. Anderson1988No IndexSoft Bound
Guss, Shunk, Shymer [related to Abraham Guss]unknown author No IndexSoft Bound
Haddock, Legends ofHaddock/Haddock1976Indexed2 copies, same book
Harris FamilyDescendants/JCHS No Index3 ring notebook
Harry/ CreightonNancy Creighton No IndexFamily Grp. Sheets, no organization
Hart, Henry S. & Susanah Smith HartVirginia Hart Saner1977Indexed 
Harvey and Boyer Families from PA to WAAlice Cox Large1992No Index3 Ring notebook, no organization
Headings’ Family, TheJohn J. Moraski & Patricia A. [Betz] Moraski2004IndexedSoft bound
Heikes – Aughey Family HistoryJean Ann Schraam [updated version]2004IndexedHardbound
Hench and Dromgold ReunionLelia Dromgold Emig1913Indexed 
Hench, Johannes FamilyHench/Hench1981No IndexHardbound
Henderson, Andrew Descendants ofunknown author No IndexFamily Grp.Sheets, org. first name
Henderson, JohnGeorge E. Henderson No IndexHistorical Paper
Henry, John [1744-1825 thru Henry, John F. 1857-1937 and DescendantsPauline Henry Dziewit2007IndexedSoft bound
Hertzler-Hartzler Family INDEX ONLYSilas Hertzler   
Hevern Family HistoryVincent W. Hevern1977No IndexSurvey
Hindman, David 1735-1802Dr. Reid W. Stewart1975IndexedPart of Revolutionary Ancestors, “R”
Hindman, Thomas 1761-1804Dr. Reid W. Stewart1975IndexedPart of Revolutionary Ancestors, “R”
Hobaugh’s Of York County PaJack L. Hobaugh2000Indexed 
Hockenberry FamilyObituaries/Decendants/JCHS No Index3 ring notebook
Holliday, John “The Pioneer” and Allied FamiliesJames R. Holliday1986No IndexHardbound
Hoopes Heritage, MyMary Jane King2000IndexedSpiral Bound
Hower, Hans MiehllJane Hower Auker1974No IndexSpiral Bound, published copy 2nd copy
Hower, Hans Miehllunknown author No Index 
Hubbert Heritage, MyMary Jane King1998IndexedSpiral Bound
Huffman, George, Descendants ofS.Duane Kauffman & Joan A Mowry2005No IndexSoft Bound
Hurrell, Clement- Some Descendents ofMarion Baker Brown2004No Index3 ring notebook
Imes FamilyCarmen W. Harleston1982No Index2 copies, same book
Imes Family Reunion 2000 Descendants of John “Jack”Imesunknown author2000Indexed 
Innis, Francis, Pioneer and His DescendantsJames Robert Innis1982IndexedHard Bound
Isenberg FamilyLillian Isenberg Bahney1991IndexedHardbound
Jamison ScrapbookW. Grant Jamison1923No IndexFamily Compilation
Jordan, Thomas 1766-1993Elizabeth Jordan Miller1993No IndexSpiral Bound
Kagarice, John Calvin and Mary Clapper Ancestors and DescendantsBigsby/Yoder1980Indexed 
Kaltriter, John F. Five Generations Family History ReportCarol A. Kaltriter Busby2006No Index3 ring, 26 pages, soft paper enclosure
Kattermann, Jakob Descendants  No Indexinformation from WeB Site
Kauffman, David, Life and Times ofDavid Kauffman1981No Index25 pages, published, soft bound
Keller, Frederick, The Family ofPat Kinzer Mancuso1998No IndexSpiral Bound
Keller, Johannes HeinrichDavid Stimeling2003Indexed3 ring notebook
Kerr, William, 1708-1951Frank Lewis Kerr1951IndexedHardbound
Kerstetter, Joseph and EstherBonnie Arnold2005No Index3 ring notebook
Kohler, Warren RayWarren R. Kohler2003No Index3 ring notebook
Kyle, Kile, Family HistoryOrvilleM. Kile1958No IndexHard Bound
Laudert, Abram Descendants”One Branch of the Louder Family Tree”Louder Family Researchers2003No IndexSpiral Bound
Lauver HeritageMary Jane King1998IndexedSpiral Bound
Little, James & Jane Herron – The Little Tree and Some BranchesOcsar H. Little1924No Index17 pages
Lloyd FamilyHoward W. Lloyd1912IndexedHardbound
Long Family of PennsylvaniaWilliam G. Long1930IndexedHardbound
Maitands/Mettlens, MetlensGertrude Metlen Wolfram1956No IndexHardbound, typed
Malin/Mahlon/MahlinCarol Johnson2002No Index 
Marshall, Wm 1722-1796Dr. Reid W. Stewart1975IndexedPart of Revolutionary Ancestors, “R”
Marshall, Wm 1756-1831Dr. Reid W. Stewart1975IndexedPart of Revolutionary Ancestors, “R”
McAfee Family Scapbook with picturesMarcia Loudonm Susan Larsen2005 CD Rom
McAfee, John, 4 Generations of theMarcia Loudonm Susan Larsen2005No IndexSoft Bound
McAlister Family Records – Sketch of Abraham Addams McAlisterJ. Gray McAlister1912No Index 
McAlister, Hugh and His DescendantsE. Michael Fisher2000IndexedHardbound
McCahan Patrick& William Bell Genealogical DataAlbert J. McCahan No IndexNotebook
McCahan Patrick, Descendants ofNancy Rolain No Index3 ring notebook
McClure – A Genealogy of the McClures of Lack…….Seilhamer/McClure1915No Index3 ring notebook;with McClure, Thom. Harvey
McClure GenealogyGeorge McClure No IndexNotebook
Mcconnell Family, TheLois Rohrer Ljungren2005No IndexSoft Bound
McCoy, John Family History, also Stein and FasickPaul F. McCoy2004No IndexSoft Bound
McElroy’s, The Scotch IrishRev. John M. McElroy1901IndexedSpiral Bound,and second org. copy
Meloy Family HistoryArthur S. Meloy1934indexed 
Meyer FamilyHenry Meyer1890No IndexHardbound
Milliken Thomas DescendantsMichael Milliken1991Alphabet.Arranged alphabetical order
Milliken, Thomas Descendants of 1777-1843Annie Milliken Herrick1993IndexedHardbound
MiloradovichPetro M. Miloradovich1993No IndexSpiral Bound
Name of Family HistoryAuthorPub.Index?Comments
Neal, Henry: Neal, Smith 1764-1863Dr. Reid W. Stewart1975IndexedPart of Revolutionary Ancestors, “R”
Neel, The Ancestors of Gregg LivingstoneGregg Livingstone Neel1973IndexedHardbound
North, Caleb Genealogy DescendantsDexter North1930Indexed 
North, Hugh McAlister, In Memoriamby the Family1907No Index 
Palm TreeCora Hursey2000Indexed3 ring notebook
Palm, Dr. Johannes Paslm 1713-1799  CD  requires Adobe ReaderCora Hursey2010  
Patterson, James of Connestoga Manor and his DescendantsBell/Colwell1925IndexedHardbound
Patton FamilyRichard A. Beaver2005No Index3 ring notebook
Payne, John, The Descendants of , From England to AmericaJohn Payne1994`IndexedHard Bound
Pellman Family HistoryHubert R. Pellman1996IndexedHardbound
Peterson and StittTrudy and Jim Wagner2007No IndexSoftbound
Pomeroy FamilyJohn m. Pomeroy1879No IndexHardbound
PomeroyFamily, History and Genealogy and Collateral LinesEdwin Moore Pomeroy1958IndexedHardbound
Ray FamilyMarelen Payne2004No IndexSoft Bound
Reagan/RoginsonR. B. Roboson II1967No IndexNotebook
Reed, Andrew 1733-1819Dr. Reid W. Stewart1975IndexedPart of Revolutionary Ancestors, “R”
Renninger, Johannes & wife Anna Catherine Kolb [zeigler, Reich Mull]Jerilyn Jacklin Reninger2009IndexedHardbound
Rhine, George 1775-1854Rhine/Soliman1993No Index3 ring notebook, 2 copies
Rice Family, Tennessee & Connecticut Lineages Book ThreeRosemary E. Bachelor2004IndexedSoft Bound
Rice Family, The Immigrants, Book TwoRosemary E. Bachelor2003IndexedSoft Bound
Robison Family GenealogyR. B. Robinson II1967No IndexNotebook
Rohm GenealogyTed Rohm1986No IndexNotebook
Rohm GenealogyTed Rohm1986No IndexNotebook
Rohrer, I. B. Family ofLois Rohrer Ljungren1987No IndexSpiral Bound
Rohrer, Samuel Q, Family of Honey Grove & Rubgy NDLois Rohrer Ljungren2005No IndexSoft Bound
Rohrer,Rorer, Abraham 1821-1888 PennsylvaniaLois Rohrer Ljungren2005No IndexSoft Bound
Rosenberger-Rosenberry Family 1698-1983Myra J. Fields1983IndexedHardbound
Rowe, John Ambrose DescendantsArliss S. Monk1975indexedSpiral Bound
Scholl, John PeterA. G.Scholl1903No IndexHardbound
Scholl, John Peter Descendants ofJunkins, Phillip F.2004Indexed3 ring notebook
Scholl/Sholl/Shull GenealogyJohn William School1930IndexedHardbound
Schwalm, Johannes, Journal of Historical Association 1997 Vol.6 No. 1
Schwalm, Johannes, Journal of Historical Association 1996 Vol. 5 No. 4
Seiber/ Funk/ Rickenbaughunknown author No IndexNotebook
Seider/Zeiter- Descendants of George Seider & Michael ZeiterYohn, Seiders & Peck2010No IndexBound
Sheesley FamilyGregory L. Schaefer2002IndexedSoft Bound
Shellenberger,JohnEdward L. Buchard1993No IndexNotebook
Shirk, JohnCarolyn Arndt1979Indexed3 ring notebook
Short Family-from William Short 1798Jane Short Hower2005No Index3 Ring Notebook
Skelton, John, Of GeorgiaJohn W. Skelton1969IndexedNotebook
Sparr, Johann Gerog 1699-1777Richard L. Spahr No IndexNotebook
Stewart, Wm 1739-1821Dr. Reid W. Stewart1975IndexedPart of Revolutionary Ancestors, “R”
Stimeling, George Descendants ofDavid Lee Stimeling2003Indexed3 ring notebook
Stine, John 1774-1860Coyne/Coyne2003No IndexNotebook
Stong [Stang] Decendatns of Adam, In AmericaBetty Cripe Boho2005No Index3 ring notebok, two volumes
Strouse FamilyMargaret B.Curfman1972No IndexHardbound
Strouse FamilyMargaret B.Curfman No Index2nd copy, notebook
Suloff/Langell/Nelson/ Seamon/Turney/LucasJane Suloff Turney2000No IndexSpiral Bound
Sulouff and Suloff Family History 2002 on CD 2002  
Sulouff/Suloff Family Tree Johannes Zulauf-Katarin SchmittNelson R. Sulouff2000IndexedSpiral bound, also 1997 version
Swartz, Jacob and his descendentsHarry Jacob Fisher1995IndexedSoft Bound
Taylor, Nellie Landis BiographyNellie Landis Taylor1994No Index3 ring notebook
Tennis Family HistoryDavid Shellenberger1973No IndexNotebook
Thomson, John, Descendants ofAddams S. McAlister1917IndexedHardbound, 2 copies
Thomson, John, Descendants ofJames W. Thompson1994IndexedSoft Bound
Thomson, John, Pioneer Scotch CovenanterAddams S. McAlister1917No Indexplus family groups sheets
Tresser, John & Elizabeth Loy TresslerGeorge Tressler Scott1972No IndexSoft Bound
Washington, Levi Whiteman and his descendantsMarlene Payne No Index3 Ring notebook
Weaver’s Source Book, Jonas and EmmaHouser/ Groff1997IndexedSoft Bound, 2 copies
Wert Family of Dauphin County, PAJonathan M. Wert, JR1996IndexedHardbound
Wetzler, Johannes, and his descendantsMary Jo Hunavy1993IndexedSoft Bound
Whitesel Family TreeMarlene Payne No Index3 Ring notebook
Whitesel/Shade TreeMiraim Whitesel Yoder1992No IndexSoft Bound and 3 ring notebook=2 copies
Willcott/Kay/TimberlakeLarry Lee Blackman2001IndexedHardbound
Willoughby, William and His DescendantsLois Willoughby D. Wallace1991No Index3 ring notebook
Willson, JosephDr. Reid W. Stewart1975IndexedPart of Revolutionary Ancestors, “R”
Wirth, Wirt, Wertz, Descendants of J. Nicholas of PACarolyn Wirt Gearhart2008IndexedSpiral Bound
Withers, Rev. John, The Life ofGeorge R. Simpson1979IndexedSoft Bound
Woods Family HistoryAlic Woods Welker No Indexwith Descendants of Robert Woods
Woods, Descendants of RobertDelores A Woods2004No Index3 ring notebook
Yoder, Jacob H. & Elizabeth B YoderJonas Borntreger2010IndexedHardbound
Yohn, Descendants of Johannes  1751-1825 2005No Index3 ring notebook

JURY SELECTIONS 1851, 1875-1890, 1896-1911

Original records, those persons selected for jury duty

1889-1917, all males 21-45 years were required to register, substitute for 1890 census

1865-1884; 1876-1888; 1888-1897; 1898-1910; 1911; 1926-1940; 1941-1953; 1965-1974 – dockets listing the orders for payment approved by the commissioners for work and other obligations completed for the county

1835-1853; 1853-1856; 1862; 1897-1911
Minutes of the Juniata County commissioner’s meetings

Docket Book – Fayette Twp. 1835-1897

County Poor Records, 1932

Miscellaneous church records transcribed from the ‘late’ Pennell File 1808-1885, organized alphabetically; transcribed Messiah Lutheran Church Parish Records 1801-1867; copied Presbyterian Church Records, Mifflintown – Lost Creek 1872-1875, 1875-1899; copied Upper Tuscarora 1870-1915; copies of original Bethlehem United Methodist Church Sunday School Record – 1893; transcribed St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church Parish Registers [Greenwood Twp.] 1859-1870; transcribed Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church Parish Register 1948-1951 [Monroe Twp.]; transcribed St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church Parish Register, 1947 –1962; transcribed Records of the Baptist Church of Tuscarora Valley 1794-1828.

History of the Susquehanna and Juniata Valleys“, Volume I and II, Everts, Peck & Richards 1886, indexed

Commemorative Biographical Encyclopedia of the Juniata Valley Comprising the Counties of Huntingdon, Mifflin, Juniata and Perry Pennsylvania Containing Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens and Many of the Early Settlers“, J. M. Runk and Company 1897, indexed

Map of the Counties of Perry, Juniata and Mifflin Pennsylvania, 1863
Atlas of Perry, Juniata and Mifflin Counties Pennsylvania, 1877 Postal delivery maps, heads of households, by townships

Accumulated through donations given to the society


1790-1920 for present day Juniata County.
Pensioners Census 1890 for Juniata and surrounding counties

NEWSPAPERS – covering most years, but not all between 1831-1930

Books 1 – 20 1885-1977




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