Society Receives Tuscarora Female Seminary Painting

On December 7th, the Juniata County Historical Society received a very special donation from  Ruth Eddy, publisher of the Lewistown Sentinel. Ms. Eddy’s donation was an oil  Painting done by local artist Dennis Hutchings of the Tuscarora Female Seminary, which the Sentinel purchased to use in one of their publications. The Tuscarora Female Seminary was established in  1847 as only secondary school for women in the county,and operated about 25 years. The society is very grateful for this donation and we are excited to add it to our collection of county history!

Mike Hower – JCHS President


Photo by Sue Shearer


3 Responses to Society Receives Tuscarora Female Seminary Painting

  1. Jo Ott says:

    It’s a wonderful addition to the society’s collection. I have to ask–how did the artist know what the seminary look like and when was it completed? I wasn’t aware of any photos.

  2. JCHS says:

    There are existing photo’s of the female seminary that we have in our collection. One is on display currently in the exhibits at the Juniata County Courthouse. I can not say for sure what Mr. Hutchings used to create the painting, but one would think he found our pictures based on it’s accuracy.

  3. Gene Wyrick says:

    Great to hear remarkable things happening at the Juniata genealogy group. The painting of the Seminary and the video tour of the court house is interesting. Well done!

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