Zimmie’s “Pie Lady” Finds Her Way Home

The Pie Lady

The Pie Lady

For years, she beckoned Juniata County residents to come inside Zimmie’s Diner to sample the fine food and atmosphere.  And she did this without saying a word.  Her lure: a steaming hot-out-of-the-oven pie she held out in front of her.  Known simply as the “Pie Lady,” she was a staple in our fine county.

A number of years back, the diner was sold and the Pie Lady had vanished.  Gone….but not forgotten.

A few months ago, the Society was contacted by Reed Lebo from the Halifax area.  Mr. Lebo had recently attended an auction where he came across the Pie Lady.  Something about her lured him in (maybe it was that steaming hot pie?), and he decided he wanted to buy it.  Mr. Lebo didn’t know the history of the sign and had never been to Zimmie’s Diner.  He just knew it was interesting.  Rumor has it that he didn’t tell his wife of his intentions until he started bidding.  As he figured, she thought he was crazy for buying the sign.  As luck would have it, he ended up the top bidder.

Once he had the Pie Lady, he really didn’t have any plans/place for her.  So, he contacted the Society to see if there was any interest in purchasing the sign from him.  He only asked to be paid the same amount that he had paid for the sign.  After a quick discussion between the Board members, the decision was made to purchase the sign (because of its historical and emotional significance to Juniata County).

So, arrangements were made for the Pie Lady to travel back to Juniata County.  She boarded the back of a box truck and made the trip without incident (though she had lost a foot sometime between the time she vanished and the time she made it to the auction).  Fortunately, her foot was saved and traveled with her.

While Zimmie’s Diner no longer needs her to watch over it, the Pie Lady now resides in the Tuscarora Academy Museum.  She can be visited, along with all of the other local treasures on display, on Sundays during the Summer.  Better hurry, though, as regular hours will be done at the end of August.

Want to hear more about the Pie Lady and Zimmie’s Diner?  We’ll have more of their history in the next Juniata Jottings newsletter coming out soon.

Have any stories of the “Pie Lady” or Zimmie’s Diner?  We’d love to hear about them!

Zimmie's Diner with the Pie Lady sign out front.

Zimmie’s Diner with the Pie Lady sign out front.

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