Indian Artifacts Set for July 23 at Academy

Indian artifact collectors will be at the Tuscarora Academy Museum Sunday, July 23 from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m.

   Steve Zeiders, an enthusiastic collector from Mifflintown who has been collecting since 1962, will bring his vast collection of artifacts. Some that will be displayed on his tables include bannerstones, drills, mini-axes, knives, hammer stones, sharpening tools, celts, engraved tools, stone bowls, scrapers, sewing needles, clay and stone pipes, and a fire starter rock. This year alone he’s found an additional 55 artifacts, he notes.

  Andy Paige, another avid artifact collector from Thompsontown, will bring his collection again this year. Things he plans to have on display are a granite celt, large pestle (used for grinding or crushing), and a bell axe (somewhat rare). His unique pieces include the Susquehannock tubular trade beads from a Washington Borough site in Lancaster County. He explains that these are glass tubular shaped beads brought here by Europeans and were used as trade with the American Indians.

   Along with Paige, he’s bringing another devoted collector who has an immense collection and will be right alongside the other two men. He’ll be showcasing over 50 years’ worth of items.

   All three will be willing to inspect your items that you’ve collected and possibly identify them as artifacts.

   As last year, there will be a free ice cream sundae giveaway provided by The Creme’ Stop. There will be a limited amount, so make sure you’re there early. 

   You won’t want to miss this Sunday afternoon’s event!

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